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The map below shows the location of each piece of Heather's art purchased by art lovers around the world. Companion pieces, pieces that originate from the same photograph, are indicated by a connecting line.

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Map Legend

    A Butterfly in the Midst of Life (Austin, TX)   
    A Day at the Lake (Dallas, TX)   
    A Girl and Her Nephew (Montclair, NJ)   
    Affection for A Big City (Haughton, LA)   
    After The Storm (Addison, IL)   
    Airplanes (78619)   
    Always With Us (Atlanta, GA)   
    Amidst the Leaves (McAllen, TX)   
    Beautiful City at Sunrise (Grand Prairie, TX)   
    Beauty of Daybreak (Dallas, TX)   
    Beauty of Hawaii (South Norwalk, CT)   
    Blue Night (Metal Frame) (South Norwalk, CT)   
    Blurring the Edges (Austin, TX)   
    Breathing Life (Dallas, TX)   
    Buildings of Austin (Austin, TX)   
    Butterfly in Action (Austin, TX)   
    Chasing Rainbow Dreams (Myrtle Beach, SC)   
    Chicago Lights (Chicago, IL)   
    City Alive (Midland, TX)   
    Colors of Chicago (Dallas, TX)   
    Colors of Dusk (Austin, TX)   
    Colours of Morn (Norwalk, CT)   
    Come Here Little Ones (Richmond, CA)   
    Congress Street During the Holidays (Austin, TX)   
    Cool February Morning (Buffalo Grove, IL)   
    Dallas Dawns (Leander, TX)   
    Dance With Me (Dallas, TX)   
    Dancing Lights of Houston (Buda, TX)   
    Darkness Falls on Hurst Harbor (Austin, TX)   
    Day Breaks Through the Trees (Metal Frame) (Austin, TX)   
    Day Ends in Houston (Metal Frame) (Wharton, TX)   
    Daybreak (Spring, TX)   
    Destination Wedding (Houston, TX)   
    Dizzy (Austin, TX)   
    Double Rainbow (Providence, RI)   
    Dream House (Richmond, CA)   
    Dusk on the Lake (Kansas City, MO)   
    Dwindling Day (Mystic, CT)   
    Early Morning on the Riverwalk (client photo) (Austin, TX)   
    Early, Early, EARLY in the Morning (Austin, TX)   
    Emergence (Irving, TX)   
    Encroachment (Buda, TX)   
    End of Day (Round Rock, TX)   
    Evening Hues of Hurst Harbor (New London, CT)   
    Evening Reflections (Redwood City, CA)   
    Everchanging Skyline (Austin, TX)   
    Eye of 360 (Spring, TX)   
    Eye of the Beholder (Austin, TX)   
    Eyes are Watching (Chicago, IL)   
    Family Tree (Falls Church, VA)   
    Fire Dancers (Spring, TX)   
    Firestar (Dallas, TX)   
    Five Leaves (San Mateo, CA)   
    Foliage Loops (Austin, TX)   
    Forever in Our Hearts (Baton Rouge, LA)   
    Four Stars (Mt. Vernon, NH)   
    Good Times at the Chili Parlor (Austin, TX)   
    Guiding Spirits (Austin, TX)   
    Heart a-beating (Austin, TX)   
    Heart on Fire (Houston, TX)   
    Hojas Rojas (Aurora, CO)   
    Houston Aglow (Bakersfield, CA)   
    Hovering Over Hurst Harbor (Austin, TX)   
    Hummingbird (Dallas, TX)   
    I Almost Have You (Dallas, TX)   
    Immortailty (Chagrin Falls, OH)   
    Interlocked (Galveston, TX)   
    International City (Buda, TX)   
    Intertwined (Austin, TX)   
    Just Resting for a Sec, & Then I'm Gone (College Park, MD)   
    Lineas Negras (Dallas, TX)   
    Little Red People on the Bridge (Dallas, TX)   
    Love Is In The Air (Corrales, NM)   
    Love Is In Your Hands (Corrales, NM)   
    Majestic Skies (Austin, TX)   
    Malibu Eve (Selma, TX)   
    Man in the Middle (Spring, TX)   
    Marathon '07 (Austin, TX)   
    Mating Dance (Houston, TX)   
    MCD00A-Wait, We Are Going Over Those Tomorrow? (Pittsburgh, PA)   
    MCD01A-One of the Toughest Days (Pittsburgh, PA)   
    Meandering Lights (Metal Frame) (Austin, TX)   
    Morning Light (Metal Frame) (Austin, TX)   
    Morning Light, Big City (Lubbock, TX)   
    Mr. Blue (Metal Frame) (Austin, TX)   
    My What a Big Proboscis You Have! (Santa Fe, NM)   
    Mystic's Secret (Manor, TX)   
    Mystical Evening (Mystic, CT)   
    Night Awakens (Metal Frame) (Sealy, TX)   
    Night Falls on Austin (Round Rock, TX)   
    Night Falls on Congress Street (New London, CT)   
    On The Way To Monterey (Austin, TX)   
    On Your Mark (Austin, TX)   
    Our Heart of Texas (Dallas, TX)   
    Over The Little Creek... (Littleton, CO)   
    Over The Pennybacker Bridge (Dale, TX)   
    Overlooking the 360 Bridge (Leander, TX)   
    Overlooking the Water (Austin, TX)   
    Peaceful Eve (Buda, TX)   
    Peacock Blue Tree (Corrales, NM)   
    Pink & Blue (Metal Frame) (Austin, TX)   
    Pink & Green (Metal Frame) (Austin, TX)   
    Point of Focus (Houston, TX)   
    Precious Gems (The Woodlands, TX)   
    Pt Vicente's Lady of the Light (Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA)   
    Raindrops (Metal Frame) (Austin, TX)   
    RAWRRRRRRRRRR (Midland, TX)   
    Rebirth (Irving, TX)   
    Red and Blue (Georgetown, TX)   
    Red Flower (North Stonington, CT)   
    Renewal (Austin, TX)   
    Revolution (Southington, CT)   
    Serenity (Renton, WA)   
    Shake Your Tail Feathers (Austin, TX)   
    She's Got the Whole City in Her Hands (Buda, TX)   
    She's got the Whole World in Her Hands (Dallas, TX)   
    Skating into the Night (Metal Frame) (Austin, TX)   
    Smile :) (Austin, TX)   
    Spread Your Wings (Pflugerville, TX)   
    Spring is in the Air (Plymouth, MI)   
    Still Waters At Dusk (Metal Frame) (Austin, TX)   
    Sun Rises Over the City (Metal Frame) (Austin, TX)   
    Sunrise Waves (Metal Frame) (Austin, TX)   
    Sunset From County Line (Metal Frame) (Georgetown, TX)   
    Sunset Over the Bridge (Austin, TX)   
    Sunset Over the Lake (Houston, TX)   
    Sunset Over Town Lake (Austin, TX)   
    Sunset Twists (Austin, TX)   
    Sunset Under the Bridge (Georgetown, TX)   
    Sunset Watcher (Austin, TX)   
    Sustenance (San Mateo, CA)   
    The Beginning (Austin, TX)   
    The Big D (Dallas, TX)   
    The Capitol (Kyle, TX)   
    The City in Her Eyes (Norwalk, CT)   
    The Face of A City (Killingworth, CT)   
    The Fire at Anderson Mill Marina (Austin, TX)   
    The Fire Within (Irving, TX)   
    The Guard (Dallas, TX)   
    The Light (Montclair, NJ)   
    The Lights of Chi-Town (Dallas, TX)   
    The Lights of the Night (Dallas, TX)   
    The Path that Feeds Your Heart (Montclair, NJ)   
    The Tavern (Austin, TX)   
    They're Running So Fast (Austin, TX)   
    Three Hearts (Austin, TX)   
    Three Leaves (Southlake, TX)   
    Three Leaves II (Austin, TX)   
    Threes A Crowd....Sometimes (West Haven, CT)   
    Thursday Morning (NYC) (Madison, CT)   
    Tombo (Buda, TX)   
    Verde y Rojo (Austin, TX)   
    Vibrant Leaves (Buda, TX)   
    Waiting for Her (Flower Mound, TX)   
    While You Were Waiting at the Mall (Plymouth, MI)   
    Yum Yum (Arlington, TX)   
    ? NY? (Haughton, LA)   
    ? of Corpus Christi (Myrtle Beach, SC)