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Oscar Ricardo Silva

Oscar Ricardo SilvaMy name is Oscar Ricardo Silva and I'm a photographer based out of Austin, Texas. I was born in San Gil, Colombia but have spent most of my life in the United States. I'm primarily a photojournalist but have extensive experience in portraiture and art/landscape photography. Most of my work involves groups on the fringe, or perceived to be on the fringe. Having been born outside of the US and with Spanish as my first language, I was on that fringe. (http://www.atxnomad.com)

Pauline Walsh Jacobson

Pauline Walsh JacobsonI specialize in painting marine life in watercolor using my own photographs and memories. I scuba dive and take underwater photos, which I use as subject matter for my paintings. Being a nature lover in general, I also paint flowers, gardens, animals and a few landscapes as well. I have been painting primarily in watercolor for over 30 years, but I also occasionally work in oils and acrylics.

To see below the ocean's surface and witness the beauty of life on a coral reef is something not everyone is able to experience, and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity. The world's coral reefs are in trouble and they might be gone someday if we don't take care of our oceans. Through my paintings and photographs, I want to show the beauty of coral reefs and their inhabitants to the world in hope that they will be protected and preserved for future generations. (http://www.paulinewalshjacobson.com)

Jamie Rood

My artwork originates from an idea or something interesting I find in our environment. I am influenced by hiking in the wilderness, urban decay, ambient music, yoga & meditation and a spirit of exploration. (http://jamierood.com)

Michiel Rushing

Michiel RushingMichiel Rushing is a self taught jeweler. At the age of thirteen, he began cutting stones and then started creating jewelry at fifteen. His first show in an art gallery was at age sixteen.

Michiel traveled across the country following the rodeo circuits and selling his art. Then he spent six years in Nashville, Tennessee, selling his jewelry out of The Mine Shaft. In Nashville, he developed a large clientele, including the singer Melody, John Travolta and the Ronnie Milsap family. John Travolta wore one of Michiel's bolos in the movie, Pulp Fiction.

He now calls Austin, Texas home. Michiel currently shows his work at locally as well as statewide.

Michiel uses a lot of rare and unusual stones in his designs and does custom work of many types. Please visit Michiel or contact him for your jewelry needs. (http://masterpiecesbymichiel.com)

Jessica Frey

Jessica FreyI believe in Fairy Tales......maybe because I worked at Disney World in college, or met my husband at a ball wearing a gown covered in glitter, or I just believe that happiness can happen and love is out there! (http://www.jessicafreyphotography.com)

Kyle Gross

Kyle GrossMy name is Kyle Gross and I am a jewelry designer and metalsmith living and creating in Austin, Texas. I have been working with silver, gold and other metals since my first metal class in 2002, and as of January 2011, I am a full time jewelry designer working out of my backyard studio. I have made a name for myself as a local wedding ring designer, and for creating unique jewelry designs that stray as far from the ordinary as possible. As well as designing rings for my clients out of my studio, I also set up every Saturday at local markets and at annual and semi-annual art shows in Austin. (http://stonesthrowstudio.com/)

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Ginger Leigh

Ginger Leigh

Photo by Gregg Cestaro; Hair and Makeup by Rae Cosmetics

Having released her 9th album (and currently recording #10), you can only imagine the success behind this global artist. Ginger Leigh has tens-of-thousands of concerts and shows in her history, all over the U.S., Europe, the South Pacific and more. One might think she's even played on the moon! With fans reaching beyond demographics, Leigh is the right fit just about anywhere. (http://gleigh.com/)

Susan Arbuckle

Susan ArbuckleThere’s something magical that happens when passion meets purpose. And few light up the stage with more power or soul — than Susan Arbuckle (http://susanarbuckle.com)

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