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Previous Artist Statements

2010 - 2006

The Twilight's End series is now complete, and I have begun my newest works. There is no series name, as I am creating what comes to mind and taking advantage of the opportunities and scenes that compel me. I continue to combine my three loves: photography, digital technology and welding, into mixed-media pieces. Landscapes, cityscapes, water, sunsets and sunrises still deeply elicit strong feelings in me, yet I adore abstracts. For this reason, each landscape or cityscape will continue to evolve into an abstract or two. I just can't get away from these loves!!

2006 - 2003

I have been struggling for years to balance my creative and analytical sides. Finally, my love for both is now merged into unique pieces that combine my most treasured interests. To be able to photograph nature and cityscapes, use technology to enhance or manipulate them, and then create sculpted frames that extend them are extremely rewarding and gratifying experiences. With each new piece, I want people to observe this fusion and gain a profound visual and emotional experience that is as individual as the viewer.


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